Our Journey to Sustainable Building

At Helix Construct Ltd, we firmly believe that small changes can lead to significant impacts. By incorporating sustainable practices into our daily operations, we not only reduce our ecological footprint but also inspire positive change within the construction industry. Building respect, trust, and success forms the foundation of our commitment to sustainable building, and it is through these small changes that we construct a legacy that respects the planet and its future generations.

Transition to Electric Vehicles

Recently, we’ve made a significant stride by transitioning our fleet to electric vehicles. This small yet impactful change aligns with our dedication to eco-friendly practices and sets a new standard for sustainable transportation in the construction industry.

Planting Trees, Offsetting Carbon Footprint

Our collaboration with Fruitful Office to plant a fruit tree for every fruit basket purchased is a testament to the impactful outcomes achievable through seemingly minor adjustments. While buying fruit for the office may be routine, this small change contributes to a broader initiative – offsetting our carbon footprint.

Transforming Waste into Community Support

In our sustainable building approach, recycling wood waste, including off cuts, extends beyond waste reduction. By diverting materials from landfills and donating to charities, we contribute to social change. These reusable wood pieces become valuable resources, showcasing how small construction changes can have a significant impact, building a more compassionate and sustainable future for our communities.

Wildlife Habitat Creation

Designating spaces on our construction sites for wildlife habitat creation might seem like a modest endeavour, but its impact on biodiversity is immense. By preserving and enhancing local ecosystems, even in limited spaces, we nurture biodiversity and contribute to the overall health of the surrounding communities.

Helix’s Journey to Net Zero

Helix Construct Ltd is intensifying efforts to achieve net-zero emissions by teaming up with a top sustainability consultancy. This strategic alliance focuses on optimising practices to measure and reduce our carbon footprint, underscoring our steadfast commitment to green construction and a sustainable future.