Helix Construct: Building Trust

Meet Riona, our dedicated Resident Liaison & Community Manager. Her role is about building strong connections with the community, beyond the site boundary. She is a true champion of construction, supporting our site teams, and Building Trust at #StMargarets, #AshfordRoad, #TheClumps, and #BarrettsGrove.

Sapphire Sites – Feltham:

At our Sapphire Passivhaus project in Feltham, Riona has unleashed local creativity through art competitions at Edward Pauling School. The vibrant artwork displayed on our hoardings lifts the construction site, and the children have learnt about the latest environmental technology in building homes for the future.  

Riona also volunteers weekly at FelthamFoodbank, a vital community service, and one we are proud to support.

St. Margaret’s – Hemel Hempstead:

Hosting an art competition at St. Lukes C of E Primary School in Hemel Hempstead, we turned the winning designs into public art. Celebrating the amazing talent, transforming our hoarding into a gallery.

Barrett’s Grove – Hackney:

In the vibrant community surrounding Barrett’s Grove in East London, Riona acts as a point of contact, not just for residents but for the wider community. Alleviating concerns, Building Trust, and providing regular updates in newsletters and ‘Meet the Team’ events. She is the lynchpin between our site activity and the community, ensuring transparent communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Actively engaging and building connections that cultivate Trust, Respect, and Success within the communities we work.